Sarah Durieux

Sarah Durieux

Co-director | Multitudes Foundation

Sarah Durieux is an activist and organizer. She is the co-director of the Multitudes, a European Foundation supporting political changemakers working to make politics more inclusive, hopeful and human. Before joining Multitudes Foundation, Sarah launched and led the 13 million members mobilisation platform in France and helped millions of French people to change laws, business practices, and grow movements that changed the conversation in the country.

Sarah co-founded “La Rencontre des Justices”, a movement building shared purpose between activists and social entrepreneurs, and “Quartier Général”, a collective for activists running for elections. She trains and supports changemakers on organising, mobilisation and narratives, encouraging them to use their deeply held values to build collective power.

Impact Summit:
14:20 – 14:50 New role of civil society and the state in promoting democracy (co-speaker Jeff Kwasi Klein)

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