Lenka Antalová Plavuchová

Lenka Antalová Plavuchová

Deputy Mayor | Bratislava

Lenka Antalová Plavuchová is the Deputy Mayor of Bratislava, focusing on urban rental housing and social policy. She is a very experienced municipal politician with a direct focus on affordable housing, the development of rental housing and the innovation strategy in obtaining the city’s housing fund regarding social impact and improving the availability of housing.

Since 2010 she has been a local member of the Bratislava-Rača city district and since 2018 she has also been a member of the Bratislava city council. She has worked in community development, education policy and in several national projects within the non-governmental sector in Slovakia. She is the founder of a community center, which was created by the reconstruction of an old, abandoned place in Rača.

Prior to her appointment as Deputy Mayor of Bratislava, she worked as Vice-Mayor in the Bratislava-Rača district, focusing on public spaces, education and communication.

Impact Summit:
11:45 – 12:30 Democracy and Innovations in the Environment of Central European Local Governments (Lenka Plavuchová Antalová, Monika Chabior, Gábor Kerpel Fronius; hosted by Nicole Wright Patrick)

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