Monika Chabior

Monika Chabior

Deputy Mayor | Gdansk

Monika Chabior is responsible for social policies and education. Strategically she also co-ordinates human rights and integration policies, housing, health promotion and social/civic innovation.
In the last three years, Monika was responsible for smooth-running of educational and social services in the face of pandemic COVID-19, building the crisis response system to support Ukrainian refugees and protection of discriminated minorities in the hostile, antidemocratic political environment. None of this would be a success without strong civic society and cross- EU cooperation, she says.

Monika is a sociologist and have been involved in NGO and activist movements. She focuses on equality, social justice and empowerment. She believes local governments need strong civic partners to find best solution for challenges we all face, e.g. climate crisis, authoritarian tendencies or political unrest.

Impact Summit:
11:45 – 12:30 Democracy and Innovations in the Environment of Central European Local Governments (Monika Chabior, Lenka Plavuchová Antalová, Gábor Kerpel Fronius; hosted by Nicole Wright Patrick)

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